PUBG Mobile is going to relaunch soon in India
(Image: 'Battleground Mobile India')

Update: 10 may will be the date when Battelground Mobile India launch, Developer company of Battelground Mobile India released a photo of level three helmet and this seems like a Solar eclipse and First solar eclipse will be on 10th may so yeah It might be happen. That Battelground Mobile India will open preregistration 

 Player Unknown Battle Ground Mobile known as PUBG Mobile is going to relaunch, but in Indian variant named as 'Battleground Mobile India'.

A few months ago Indian government had banned PUBG, due to privacy reasons and now PUBG is coming back to India with Krafton.

According to initial information, This game will be exclusive only for India and will also have own ecosystems like tournaments, league and seasons.

They didn't announce any fixed date but will be the best AAA mobile gaming experience they will provide. Also, this will be free on the Play Store and other leading App downloading platforms. 

They changed the user name of their all Indian PUBG official accounts so you have to wait for this 

Restrictions that will be in Battleground Mobile India:

1. Those below 18 yrs of age will only be able to play up to 3 hrs/day. 

2. If you are under 18, then you can't spend more than 7,000Rs. in-game. 

3. Esports events will be Conducted But Limited To India. however, the Indian team might be able to compete with the global teams later on. 

4. You will not be able to switch servers to get more kills like before the ban. 

5. Your matching will be done only with Indian players. 

6. Outfits will be different from PUBG mobile. 

7. If you are under 18 years of age, you will be asked to provide the mobile phone number of your parent or guardian to confirm that you are legally eligible to play the game.

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