Here are 7 points, why should India needs to stand with Israel

Israel is being attacked by Hamas, where an Indian nurse also dies. And now we will give you Severn points why Indian should stand with Israel. Nowadays Indian Muslims are supporting Palestine in social media. Also Muslim leaders are condemning Israel 

Here are 7 points, why should India needs to stand with Israel:

1. Israel quietly helped India, In the war of 1971 against Pakistan, where Pakistani army was doing massacre of Hindus on East Pakistan ( Now Bangladesh).

Israel helped India via supplying arms.

2. After United States gave Harpoon missile, Israel sold Barak I Missile to India, which can intercept Harpoon.

3. Israel supplied weapons to India, when there was shortage and helped India to win Kargil.

4. Israel didn't condemned Indian nuclear programme. That time very few nations supported India

5. 40 Pera medical team and special forces sent by Israel during  26/11 in 2008

6. Israel offered support to India after Pulwama attack ( Where 40 Indian Soldiers attainted Veer Gati) and offered to share intelligence.

7. India and Israel have close culture ties. Thousands of Israeli tourists visit India every year.