Vijay Patel is a Twitter user and also a researcher in String Reveals (YouTube Channel) made a thread on Rahul Gandhi, where he gave facts and data regarding Alleged company of Rahul Gandhi

He said " Rahul Gandhi was the director of a company named BACKOPS LIMITED in United Kingdom. Where Rahul Gandhi had British citizenship. But now all the data has been deleted from UK government data"

He also "most of the directors were from Kerala and most probably congress leaders"

On 30th April 2019 MHA sent a notice to Rahul Gandhi, regarding his British citizenship issue.

You can real below the entire thread by Vijay:

Biggest expose of Rahul Gandhi


Rahul Gandhi has removed his company data from UK Government data in which he was British Citizen!

Let’s start

— Vijay Patel (@vijaygajera) May 18, 2021